Thing 13–K-12 Online Conference

Watching the online conference that I chose really helped me organize some thoughts .  I attended Playing with the 4 C’s in an Elementary Classroom.  The presentation shared various ways educators can enhance student creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration using various Web 2.0 tools.  The presenters shared many different projects that they have worked on with students in which various tools were used.  It was helpful to see a whole project broken down by the tools that were used to complete the whole project.  Seeing a project broken down by the tools used to complete the project was beneficial because it was an organized way to see the tools used from start to finish.  While the different projects were being presented, it made me realize it may be easier to use some  Web 2.0 tools in a younger grades classroom easier than I think it will be.  Viewing the different projects and tools to complete them was a good way to see how different Web 2.0 tools are able to work to enhance different lessons and objectives.   I was also exposed to some more tools to use (that I was unaware of, such as Edmodo, Fact Monster, and Rubistar) while watching this presentation.   I was also empowered to use Skype from watching this presentation.  Looking ahead, I would like to use some of the above mentioned tools as I work on different lessons with my students this year.




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